What to do after a hit and run accident

Failing to stop after an accident, whether or not someone is hurt or property is damaged, is a criminal offence. If you’re the victim, it’s also distressing and could end up costing you a lot of money. If anyone is hurt, call the appropriate emergency services, otherwise, report the incident to the police, who will give you a crime number. You should then contact your insurer, who will tell you what to do after a hit and run accident. Your insurance company should be notified of the accident within 24 hours, even in situations when you don’t want to make a claim on your policy.

You can also use this guide to find out more about making a claim on your own car insurance and making a claim from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB).

Making a claim on your insurance

You can choose to claim through your insurer if you have fully comprehensive insurance, however, you may lose some or all of your no claims discount, and it may involve a large excess. They will want to know the police crime number, as well as the keys facts about the accident such as the:

  • Other vehicle’s registration number, or the make and model
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses
  • Copies of any photographs of the accident location if possible.

Making a claim via the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB)

If your insurance cover level is too low to claim on, you can try to make a claim on the MIB. It is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the entire UK insurance industry. Its purpose is to compensate victims where the ‘other driver’ was uninsured, or following a hit and run accident. For example, if you or your passengers are hurt, it will pay compensation. You can also claim for other losses, including the cost of a hire car.

In order to make a claim against the MIB, you need to prove:

  • The driver of the vehicle that failed to stop was negligent
  • Injury to you or your passengers, or damage to your vehicle or caused by your vehicle as a result of the accident, actually did occur as a result of this negligence.

The MIB will meet repair costs only if the offending vehicle is subsequently identified or traced so it’s important to take statements and details from anyone who saw what happened.

Find further information here on car insurance or speak to one of our RAC representatives on 0330 159 1019 to get a quote.

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