How to get cheap car insurance

All motorists want to know how to pay less for their car insurance and are always on the lookout for cheap car insurance. There are a number of ways to try to lower your car insurance premiums. You could change the way you store your vehicle, such as in a secure garage, or you could move to a safer neighbourhood. But these aren’t always realistic options. Instead, why not ensure you are making the most of the discounts available.

Here are four ideas which could help you lower your car insurance and potentially get you the cheap car insurance policy we all want:

1. Nurture your ‘no-claims’

A no-claims discount is the best way of cutting car insurance costs over time, so nurture it and watch your premiums fall.  This is the most obvious tip in the list.  But simply driving safely, avoiding accidents and maintaining a clean driving record is sure to bring down your premiums over time.  RAC Car Insurance offers up to 65% off with 9+ years no claims discount, which shows how big your saving could be.

2. Don’t hold anything back

It’s vital that you keep your insurer up to date with any changes in your circumstances (job, address etc) to avoid potential problems in the event of a claim.  If your details are not up to date, you run the risk of making a fraudulent claim which could tarnish your reputation with insurers in the long run.

3. Choose your car carefully

As we know different makes and models of cars come with different insurance premiums, even for the same driver.  It’s worth doing your homework before you buy as it can make a big difference to your premium.  Sporty cars can attract a high premium and often a slightly different model or engine can make a big difference in your favour. It will probably save you fuel too.  If you are after cheap car insurance then a sporty car or one with a powerful engine is probably not for you. Use Rac Cars to browse new cars for sale to help find a practical and appropriate vehicle. 

4. Choose the right cover

Sometimes the lowest levels of cover are not always the cheapest. It’s always worth talking through the cheapest options with your insurer and ask if volunteering to increase your policy excess will help lower your premiums.

We will search our panel of carefully selected insurers to give you a great price from our panel of insurers, so call or go online to get a quote.

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