Black Box Car Insurance

Add RAC breakdown and we'll cover the cost for the first year^

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Black Box Car Insurance

RAC Black Box Car Insurance helps young drivers save money by rewarding safe driving, and you’ll still get all the benefits of our 5 Star Defaqto rated Car Insurance Plus.

Black box insurance, also known as telematics, puts you in control. Our cover does not limit your mileage or impose a curfew, giving you the freedom to drive where you want, when you want. Once your black box is installed we monitor your driving behaviour, so your renewal price takes into account the way you drive, helping to lower your cost of motoring.

You could start to benefit from an RAC Black Box policy in just a few simple steps, and you’ll be insured to drive your car straightaway.

No curfews and no mileage limits
Drive where you want, when you want

No installation fees
We'll fit a black box to your car at the time and location of your choice

Safer drivers save more
Drive carefully and your premium could be cheaper at renewal*

3 steps to safer, more affordable driving

It's easy - you just need to provide some basic details about you and your car

Get a quote and buy online or over the phone

It normally takes less than an hour and our fitter will come to you

Get a black box fitted within 14 days

Monitor your Driver Score and journeys, and get tips via the portal or the app

Enjoy the benefits of Black Box Insurance

Why choose RAC Black Box Car Insurance?

As the motoring experts, we search a panel of carefully selected insurers to give you our most competitive price. And with 120 years’ experience of serving customers, you know you’re in safe hands when you buy with the RAC.

  • RAC Breakdown cover – Add RAC Breakdown to your policy and we’ll cover the cost for the first 12 months^
  • Uninsured driver promise – You won’t lose your no claims bonus if your car's vandalised or hit by an uninsured driver
  • 5 Star rated cover – Our comprehensive cover is rated 5-star by independent financial research company Defaqto
  • Free Motor Legal Protection – Free for the first 12 months of your policy, if selected, giving you up to £100,000 cover

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Download our free driver app

Download our RAC Black Box driver app and you’ll be able to: Monitor your Driver Score - View your journey details - Check your car’s health and current location - Set date reminders for your next tax, MOT and service.

Understanding your Driving Alerts

Red alerts

If your Driver Score falls below our acceptable limit you will be issued a Red Alert by email. This means you need to make changes to the way you drive – you can login to your portal for advice and tips on how to improve your score. If your Driver Score continues to be of an unacceptable level you will receive another Red Alert.

If you receive three Red Alerts we will consider you as having driven unsafely and will send you a letter or email notification that we are going to cancel your policy - during this notice period you will need to find an alternative insurance provider. If we cancel your policy this could affect your ability to get insurance in the future.

Black Events

If we consider you to have driven with excessive speed a Black Event will be triggered, and you will receive a notification by letter or email that we are going to cancel your policy – during this notice period you will need to find an alternative insurance provider. If we cancel your policy this could affect your ability to get insurance in the future.

Add RAC Breakdown cover^

We'll cover the cost for the first year when you take out RAC Black Box Insurance. Our Patrols fix 4 out of 5 vehicles at the roadside and within an average of 30 minutes, taking the worry out of motoring for our policyholders.

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5 Star Black Box Car Insurance

RAC Black Box Insurance has been awarded a 5 star rating by Defaqto.

Frequently Asked Questions - you can also find more here

Q. What is Telematics Car Insurance and how does it work?
Telematics is an advanced driving technology that monitors the way you drive. It tracks things like braking and acceleration and works out how safe a driver you are by giving you a score out of 100. The higher your score, the better your driving and the lower the price your insurance could be.*

At the RAC, we call this technology RAC Black Box.

It's simple and easy to install: one of our approved fitters will fit a small black box into your car which is the telematics unit, or 'black box'. It uses GPS to give us the information we need to ensure you're driving safely and to provide you with the most competitive price based on your driving behaviours.

The information it gives us also helps us to let you know when you need to make some changes to your driving to ensure you get the best insurance price for you and your vehicle.
Q. What are the benefits of RAC Black Box Insurance?
Check out the benefits of our Black Box Car Insurance below and get the right cover for your car today.


  • No curfews for young drivers - Drive where you want, when you want.
  • No mileage restrictions - We don't impose mileage limits or charge you on a per mile basic unlike some providers.
  • No installation fees – We’ll arrange to fit the black box at a time and location convenient to you. You just need to make sure the box is fitted within 14 days of the policy start date.
  • You could save more at renewal - The better you drive, the more competitive your renewal quote could be.
  • Lower your fuel bills – our useful driving tips could help you lower your fuel bill by becoming more fuel efficient.
  • Vehicle locator – If you can't remember where you parked your car, you can use our Black Box App to help you find it.
Q. How is RAC Black Box Insurance different from traditional car insurance?
RAC Black Box Car Insurance carries the same features and benefits as traditional RAC Car Insurance but it gives you the opportunity to reduce your insurance premium price at renewal based on your true driving behaviour, which you control.
Q. How much does black box insurance cost?
Car insurance is expensive for young and new drivers because they are more likely to have an accident than someone who has been driving for longer. Factors such as lack of road awareness, varying weather conditions and driving at night all mean inexperienced drivers are a greater risk on the road.

The benefit of black box insurance is that a person’s individual driving is monitored and their renewal premium calculated based on their own driving record, rather than them being treated the same as all other drivers.

If you can prove to your insurer that you’re a safer risk, then your premium can be reduced as a result. Like other types of car insurance, if you don’t make a claim within a year you will build up a year’s No Claims Discount (NCD). The more NCD you have, the more discount car insurers can offer you, and the cheaper your insurance is likely to be.

As with any other type of car insurance policy, other factors - such as the age of your car, engine size, where you leave it parked overnight, whether you have an immobiliser or other security device fitted - will be used to calculate your insurance premium.
Q. How do I get the box fitted?
Getting your Black Box fitted is easy, normally takes less than an hour and will be carried out at a time and location convenient for you. Visit our fitting the box page for more information.
Q. How do you monitor my driving and what's in the box?
Our telematics technology uses a matchbox size telematics device to collect data about the way your car has been driven. This includes your speed, acceleration and braking, where and when you drive. The data is then sent to us securely over a wireless network so we can build a picture of how you drive. Based on this data we will give you a Driver Score which you can access online via your personalised RAC Black Box Portal, or if you have a mobile device you can download our free Black Box driver app.

Inside the box:
  • GPS chip which tells us when and where the car is driven
  • G-force sensor which monitors how the car is driven
  • SIM card which is used to send the data back to us
  • Back-up battery in case the box is tampered with or your vehicle loses power
Q. What do you do with my black box data?
When you take out an RAC Black Box Car Insurance policy, we fit a black box to your car. This enables us to record information about your journeys, how you drive, braking, acceleration, and so on. The data we capture is used to monitor and alert you if we think you need to better manage your driving. At renewal we can then price your premium according to how safely you’re driven over the year.

This data is not used as a ‘speed camera’, so we don’t actively pass information to the authorities, unless specifically required to do so by law. However, we will email you an alert if you drive over the speed limit if we feel your speed is excessive, and if you continue to do so we have the right to cancel your policy with notice. In the event of an accident or suspected fraud, we can use your black box information for investigative purposes.

Other than stated above, we do not share your black box data with anyone else, for example your parents. You can view your black box data, along with any alerts, on our RAC Black Box Portal, or via our app.
Q. How does it calculate my Driver Score?
Seven days after having the box installed and once we have recorded your first 200 miles, we will calculate your Driver Score. Your Driver Score is based on your speed, acceleration and braking as well as when and where you drive and will, from then on, be updated every seven days from the date the box was installed. You can review your Driver Score and how to save money on your fuel bill online, by downloading our free Black Box driver app or via your RAC Black Box Portal.

Your Driver Score is what will trigger the driving alerts you may receive and is scored on a scale of 1 - 100. The higher your score, the safer we perceive your driving to be.
Q. Am I insured to drive my car before the box is fitted?
Yes. You are insured to drive your car from the policy start date. You must get your box fitted within 14 days of this date or your policy will be cancelled and you will be charged a cancellation fee.
Q. What if someone else drives my car covered by their own insurance?
The Driver Score is calculated on the journeys your car makes regardless of who is driving. You will need to let any additional driver know that their driving behaviour will also be monitored and will contribute to your overall Score but this will have no impact on their own insurance.

If you buy an RAC Black Box Car Insurance policy you will need to have an RAC Black Box fitted to your vehicle.

This box will monitor how your vehicle is driven and provide a Driver Score which will help us price your insurance premium at renewal. Please note, the Driver Score is based upon how the vehicle is driven, therefore the driving behaviour of all parties eligible to drive the vehicle will be taken into account.

^ Terms and conditions:

  1. This offer applies to new annual RAC Black Box Car Insurance policies and is not available to customers renewing or amending an existing policy.
  2. RAC breakdown cover is attached to the car insurance policy and will end if the car insurance policy is cancelled or not renewed. Unless opted out, your RAC breakdown cover will automatically renew alongside your car insurance policy and will become chargeable using the payment details supplied when taking out the insurance.
  3. The breakdown offer will consist of a 12-month single Vehicle Based UK Roadside Membership for the same car as insured through RAC Black Box Car Insurance.
  4. To take out this offer the customer must select the correct breakdown option, at a cost of £0.00, during the purchase journey.
  5. This offer is not available to existing RAC Members.
  6. Standard terms and conditions for the breakdown cover will apply and can be found here.  
  7. The offer cannot be transferred to any other policy and there is no cash equivalent available.
  8. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time.

* In comparison to standard RAC Car Insurance.

This offer applies to new RAC car insurance customers for the first year only, unless you are an RAC member then this offer is also available at renewal of your existing RAC car insurance policy. Motor Legal Protection is attached to the car insurance policy and will end if and when the car insurance policy ends. The offer cannot be transferred to any other policy and there is no cash equivalent available. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time.

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