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Campervan Insurance

RAC Campervan Insurance protects your pride and joy. From the vintage to the brand new we are experts in campervans and know exactly the cover campervan owners need.

Salvage Retention

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3 years new for old cover

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  1. Why Choose RAC Campervan Insurance?
    We are the motoring experts, and with 120 years’ experience of serving our customers, you know your campervan will be in safe hands when you buy with the RAC.
  2. What am I covered for?
    Our cover provides £1,000 personal effects including awning cover and £500 generator cover.
  3. What freedom does it give me?
    With RAC Campervan Insurance you will receive up to 90 days EU cover and protect you in case of accidents and theft.

Add RAC Breakdown Cover to your policy

Don’t let a breakdown disrupt your holiday – RAC Breakdown cover is available for motorhomes or campervans of any weight, height or length. This includes European and repatriation cover.

All the information you need to amend your policy or make a claim


Insurance for static and touring caravans, whilst in the UK and abroad


RAC also provide Motorhome Insurance whether you on the road or at home

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Our comprehensive Car Insurance Plus is packed with features and benefits and has a Defaqto 5 Star Rating.


10% multicar discount for up to three additional cars so you can cover your whole family.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I take out a standard car insurance policy for my campervan?
Some standard car policies would legally cover certain motorhomes however it would not include the necessary protection for personal effects or gas and explosion cover.
Q. Does campervan insurance cover the contents of my campervan?
Campervan contents are covered under the policy but there is a limit of up to £1,000.
Q. Is there a limit to how many miles I can drive in my campervan?
Campervans are limited to a maximum of 10,000 miles, and the cost of you policy is dependent on the number of miles you travel.
Q. Do I need a different driving licence to drive a campervan?
See https://www.gov.uk/driving-motorhome for legal requirements.
Q. Does my policy cover me to take my campervan abroad?
Your campervan insurance will cover you for travel to most countries in Europe. Full details can be found in our policy booklets.
Q. Can passengers travel inside the main living quarters of the campervan?
Yes, but the number of passengers must not exceed the number the campervan is meant to carry nor exceed the legal load limits of the vehicle.
Q. Does campervan insurance cover anything attached to the outside of the motorhome (i.e. a surfboard or bicycle) or anything I am towing?
The policy will only cover a bike rack / trailer.
Q. Will insurance cover me for damage done by my pets?
No – this is not covered under this policy.
Q. Are there restriction around transporting certain items in my campervan, i.e. power generators, gas cylinders, etc.?
The transport of dangerous goods regulations do not apply to private goods however it is recommended that you keep potentially hazardous items in locked storage within your campervan.
Q. What can I do to make my campervan more secure?
Additional security acts as a deterrent for thieves including trackers and alarms, together with clutch claws and steering wheel locks.