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Motorbike Breakdown Cover

If you ride a motorbike, having breakdown cover in place is a must. 
Breaking down at the roadside can be an upsetting and unsettling experience at the best of times. If you’re riding a motorbike, you’re more likely to be on your own with no passengers to help and keep you company. 
Not only that, if the weather is unpleasant or it’s late at night and dark, you’re exposed to the elements. In a car, you can sit inside in relative warmth and comfort while you wait for help. With a bike, you don’t have much option but to stand beside it, with no protection, until support arrives. If you don’t have breakdown cover, that can be a very long wait indeed.

Get Motorcycle Breakdown Cover from just £4.50 with the RAC

Our comprehensive cover is available for motorcycles from 49cc and over.

It’s comforting to know that RAC breakdown packages provide exactly the same level of cover for motorbikes as cars. Standard breakdown cover includes:

Support from our Accident Care team if you’re involved in an accident. Simply call us on 0333 2000 999, and we’ll come to your rescue*. We provide support via a helpline 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If your bike can’t be fixed, don’t worry about recovering your bike - our patrol vans are equipped with special trailers and loaders so it can transported safely onto anywhere within ten miles of your breakdown.

Breakdown cover is available for a wide range of motorbike sizes - from 49cc and over.

Why Choose RAC? 

Get motorbike breakdown cover from the RAC and you’re in safe hands. Our patrols fix four out of five vehicles at the roadside, so we’ll do our very best to get you back on the road and running again.

  • We've been looking after the UK’s motorists for over a century so we know driving. We've used our insight and experience to develop motorcycle breakdown cover that's right for your specific needs
  • As an RAC Member you’re entitled to a range of impressive benefits which can save you money on everything from holidays and days out to airport parking and car maintenance.
  • Run out of fuel? Yes, it’s embarrassing but it’s also a common error - just call us and we’ll come to the rescue.
  • If you have an accident - whether it’s your fault or not - call us first and we’ll be on hand to help.

Joint car & motorcycle breakdown

Motorists can secure car and motorbike breakdown under one policy. The simplest way of doing this is through personal breakdown cover. Personal breakdown cover means one named person is covered for breakdown, regardless of the vehicle they are driving - so, that could be a car and a motorbike.

It also means you’re covered as a passenger in a car - and when riding pillion on a motorbike.

You can choose from a range of levels of motorbike breakdown cover. 

Motorbike roadside assistance comes as standard. If you breakdown at the side of the road, more than ¼ mile from home, we’ll come out to fix your bike. If we can’t, we’ll tow you to a garage within a distance of ten miles. 

National recovery takes that level of motorcycle recovery a step further. If we can’t fix your motorbike at the roadside, we’ll tow you and your bike to an address anywhere within the UK.

At home cover means we’ll come to help you if you break down at home - if you can’t start your bike in the morning, for example.

Onward travel is a level of motorbike breakdown cover that enables you to continue your journey if your bike can’t be fixed immediately by us. Depending on your circumstances, you might be able to get a courtesy vehicle or hotel accommodation.

Personal breakdown cover is a type of cover for a single, named person. This means that you’ll be covered when riding your own bike, or travelling as a passenger on someone else’s. If you ride more than one bike, this might be the best option for you.

Vehicle breakdown cover applies to a specific vehicle. It means you’ll only be covered when riding that particular bike. But if you only have one motorbike in your household, and more than one person rides it, this might be the best option for you.

European motorcycle breakdown cover

If you ride your motorbike in Europe - and many bikers love to travel and enjoy the open rides of France, Spain, Italy and beyond - you’ll need specific European motorcycle breakdown cover. 

This should be taken out in addition to UK breakdown cover. Our European roadside assistance cover for motorbikes extends to 49 different countries, so wherever you venture, you’ll be covered.

To get motorbike breakdown cover in Europe, call us on 0330 332 8302.

What our Members say

Motorbike Breakdown Cover - FAQ


Got a question about our motorbike breakdown cover? Some of our frequently asked questions are answered below, but if you need more information, get in touch on 0330 159 8454.


This depends on your level of motorbike breakdown cover. If you’ve taken out personal breakdown cover, you’re covered on whatever motorbike you’re riding, or riding pillion on.

We’re happy to cover modified bikes but it’s always worth contacting us to discuss your options first if you’re not sure. Our motorbike insurance covers classic bikes and supersport models so our motorbike breakdown usually supports this.

Can you recover my motorcycle?

Yes, we can. Our No.1 aim is always to fix your motorbike at the roadside but if we can’t, we can recover and tow it. The destination depends on your level of motorbike cover - roadside assistance means we’ll tow it to an address within ten miles but national recovery means we’ll tow it to anywhere within the UK.

What if I use my motorbike for business?

If you use your motorbike for business - as courier, perhaps - you might need RAC business breakdown cover.  

Can you also insure my bike?

Yes - the RAC offers motorbike insurance for a large range of models. Motorbike insurance also comes with a selection of optional extras, such as personal accident cover and helmet and leathers cover, that you might find useful.

Am I covered in Europe?

Not automatically - don’t assume your UK breakdown cover covers you when riding your motorbike in Europe. The good news is that we offer European breakdown cover and provide assistance in 49 different countries, with flexible pricing, so you can tailor your cover exactly to your trip if you like.