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Breakdown Cover in Spain

If you’re planning to drive in Spain, be prepared - it’s not the same as driving in the UK. The rules of the road may be different, with speed limits you’re not accustomed to, and motoring laws may also differ from those in the UK. As a motorist, it’s your responsibility to make sure you understand these regulations, that your car has the correct equipment it needs, and that you have suitable European breakdown cover insurance in case you run into any issues and need roadside assistance or recovery.


Other considerations before your Spanish holiday

What happens if I break down in Spain?

If your vehicle breaks down while you’re driving in Spain, don’t panic. Firstly, try to get your car to a safe place - if you’re on a Spanish motorway, pull over to the hard shoulder - and if you need to exit the vehicle, do so away from the flow of traffic. If you’re outside the vehicle, you should wear a reflective, hi-vis jacket - in Spain, you’re required by law to carry these in your car.

Then, call us on 0033 472 4352 44. On some motorways, you might have to use one of the emergency telephones located along the route first - we’ll tell you if that’s the case. When you call us, one of our English speaking incident managers will help to supervise the situation. RAC vans don’t operate in Europe but we work with external service providers and partners, who can assist.

We can also help to translate in the event of a breakdown. Our European contact centre has handlers who can speak up to 18 different languages.

Preparing for your visit to Spain

Sometimes a vehicle breakdown is just unlucky and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it from happening. But there are things you can do to reduce the risk of a vehicle breaking down for a number of common reasons.

Before you start driving in Spain, run through these vehicle checks:

Buy a European Driving Kit

In Europe, you could be fined up to €530 for not having the right driving kit in your car. Before you set off check what you need and buy a European Driving Kit from us to ensure that you don’t get caught out.

Check tyre tread

This should be done regularly. It’s important to assess the condition of your tyres to check they are correctly inflated. This improves safety, performance and the economy of the car - you should never drive with worn tyres, so check tyre tread and get any replaced, if needed.

Check fluid levels

A vital under-the-bonnet check is to look at the oil, coolant and screenwash levels of the car.

Windscreen wipers

Inspect the windscreen wipers on your vehicle to check for any tears, and test them to confirm they move freely and are in good condition.

Fill up with fuel

Ensure the vehicle has a full tank of fuel before you travel - and check your route to plan for service stations where you can stop and refill.

Get your vehicle serviced

Getting your car serviced at a garage before you leave the UK should ensure it’s in great condition before you arrive in Spain.

Read more about driving in Spain with our country guide here

Important numbers to pop in your phone

Keep important phone numbers stored in your contacts, including:

  • 0033 472 4352 44 - RAC European Breakdown from anywhere in Europe
  • 112 - Emergency Services
  • +34 917 146 300 - British Embassy in Madrid
  • +34 913 342 194 - British Consulate Alicante
  • +34 913 342 194 - British Consulate Barcelona
  • +34 913 342 194 - British Consulate Ibiza

There are other useful contact telephone numbers here.

Have any other useful contact numbers close to hand too, such as your accommodation and onward destinations. If you need to, you can inform these contacts of any delays in your journey that might affect your arrival time.

Rules of the road in Spain

Driving in Spain is mainly different to the UK because of its road rules and laws. Before you start driving there, or indeed anywhere in Europe, you should read up on what those rules are to ensure you’re abiding by them.

  • Some of the most important rules you need to be aware of include:
  • You should drive on the right side of the road - so the opposite to the UK - and overtake on the left.
  • Drivers approaching an intersection should give way to vehicles approaching from the right.
  • Using horns unnecessarily is forbidden - in urban areas it’s not allowed at any time, other than emergencies.
  • Seat belts must be worn by everyone in the car.
  • There are strict speed limits in place, depending on the type of road and size of vehicle you’re driving - more details here.
If you’re travelling to Europe for a short trip, check out our Single Trip European Breakdown Cover product today.

Other considerations before your Spanish holiday

There are other things you need to consider before heading off to Spain. You’ve got the driving side covered, but you should also be prepared in other areas.

Ensure you’ve got travel insurance in place, and that it covers the dates of your travel and any specifics. You should contact your bank to let them know you’ll be out of the country. You’ll be likely to use your debit card and/or credit card while in Spain so it’s helpful for your bank to be aware that it may see some unusual transactions.

Contact your mobile phone provider, too. You’ll need to be able to use your phone in Spain, so make sure that any call restrictions that might be in place are removed before you go on holiday. They can also advise on call and SMS rates, and let you know what roaming charges may be.

You should be all prepared and ready to go, there’s only one thing left...your breakdown cover. Get a quote.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. RAC European Breakdown Cover in Spain covers Zone 2 in Europe, so you should be covered if you drive across the border to Portugal, which is also in Zone 2. From Spain, you can also drive into France, Germany or Belgium, which are in Zone 1, and then on into Italy or Switzerland, both of which are in Zone 2. When planning your journey just make sure your breakdown cover covers you for every country you intend to drive in. Also, ensure your policy covers you for the right amount of time - RAC cover starts from one day but if you’re planning a month-long trip across multiple countries, your breakdown cover should cover that time.

Can you provide me with a replacement vehicle?

We can provide a replacement vehicle, depending on your level of cover. RAC Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus European Breakdown Cover both include the use of a hire car if needed. Comprehensive European Breakdown can provide a hire car for six days, while Comprehensive Plus provides a hire car for up to 23 days. Terms and conditions apply.