Single Trip European Breakdown

Short term cover from just £6 per day

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Price for 1 day cover for up to 9 people travelling in a vehicle up to 1 year old in Zone 1.

Single Trip European Breakdown Cover

If you're taking a short trip to Europe you'll need a comprehensive level of cover that gives you peace of mind while you are driving abroad, as well as the security of European roadside assistance.

Our Single Trip European breakdown policies will ensure your vehicle is fixed at the roadside or towed to the nearest garage without you needing to pay for a full year of cover. We can provide recovery services in 49 different countries with both single-trip and annual policies available.

Cover from just one day

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We'll fix you at the roadside or tow you to the nearest garage

Our temporary European breakdown cover will ensure your vehicle is either fixed at the roadside, or towed to the nearest available garage for further repair.

Our cover levels

RAC Single Trip Cover is available in three different levels - so take the time to carefully review what each policy includes before buying, to make sure you're fully covered when driving away from home.

Here are the key highlights of our cover levels:


From £6*

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  • Roadside assistance throughout Europe - up to £1,250
  • Garage labour costs up to £150 covered by us2
  • We'll even pay for your accommodation or onward travel plans - up to £400
  • We can get your car back to the UK with costs up to £500 covered or the market value if lower, providing your vehicle is not beyond economical repair
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defaqto five star rating


From £7*

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  • Unlimited European roadside assistance
  • We’ll cover garage labour costs up to £1502
  • Accommodation expenses up to £500, or up to £1,500 to continue your journey
  • We’ll pay to get your car back to the UK - paying up to the market value of your vehicle, providing your vehicle is not beyond economical repair
  • We'll provide roadside assistance in the UK up to the value of £300, 48 hours before you depart for Europe
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defaqto five star rating

BEST cover1

Comprehensive Plus

From £9*

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  • Unlimited European roadside assistance
  • Up to £1,000 garage labour costs**
  • We'll pay for accommodation costs up to £1,200 and onward travel costs up to £3,000
  • If your vehicle can't be fixed we’ll get it back to the UK, providing your vehicle is not beyond economical repair
  • We'll offer unlimited roadside assistance in the UK seven days before departure^
  • If you miss your pre-booked ferry or train because of your breakdown we'll provide replacement tickets^^
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What our Members say

What is Single Trip European Breakdown Cover?

Single trip European breakdown cover is as simple as it sounds. It's essentially temporary breakdown cover while you're driving in Europe and can be as flexible as you need - so whether your trip is just a long weekend in Paris or a month exploring the regions of Italy, you can tailor your cover to suit.

Our policies cover up to 49 countries throughout Europe, so we pride ourselves on it being extensive and comprehensive - wherever you go in Europe, we can look after you.

This type of cover is available at three different levels, Standard, Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus, and at each level you’ll need to specify what ‘zones’ you will be visiting.

You'll find France and Germany in Zone 1, for example, with other popular destinations such as Spain, Italy and Portugal in Zone 2 and some of those countries slightly further afield, such as Croatia, Greece and Bulgaria, in Zone 3.

You wouldn't contemplate going on holiday without some form of travel insurance, so the same sense applies if you're driving to Europe. Our cover will make sure you get fast and expert roadside assistance if you do run into problems.

Why choose RAC?

Our service offers comprehensive cover when you're driving on the continent. Our top-rated cover, RAC Comprehensive Plus, has a Defaqto 5 Star rating and a range of features that you'll find hard to beat when looking at other providers.

Highlights include:

  • Garage labour costs of up to £1,000**
  • Unlimited cover for emergency roadside repair and towing costs to the nearest garage in the UK
  • Unlimited cover for roadside assistance and towing cost to the nearest garage in Europe, as well as unlimited costs if you need to collect your vehicle from Europe once it's been repaired
  • If the cost of repairs is more than £500, and the cost of repairs don't exceed the market value of your vehicle, we'll cover all costs to get your vehicle back to the UK
  • We also provide cover for up to 17 people, so if there is a large group of you travelling - a sports team perhaps - you can also benefit from European single trip breakdown cover

With our Standard and Comprehensive policies your covered for either hire car or accommodation whilst your vehicle is being repaired, that way you can choose to either continue your trip uninterrupted while your own vehicle needs repairs, or if you need to stay somewhere as a result of your vehicle breakdown, we can arrange that instead.

With Comprehensive Plus, you won’t have to choose between a hire car or accommodation, as you’ll be covered for both, with hire car expenses covered up to £3,000 and accommodation expenses are covered up to £1,200.

Single Trip or Annual Cover?

European breakdown cover is also available on an annual basis but unless you're planning on driving abroad frequently then selecting a single trip European breakdown cover may be a better option.

When choosing between annual and single trip cover, it’s important to take into account the length of your trip. Annual cover will only cover a trip length of up to 90 days, so if you’re travelling for a longer period, you may want to consider a European Breakdown Single Trip cover, as this allows you to travel up to 180 days in Europe.

Price is an advantage. Short term European breakdown cover starts from just £6 so there's little financial outlay and you only pay for exactly what you need; unless you're scheduled to be taking multiple road trips there may not be a need for annual cover.

Single trip cover enables you to get exactly the right level of breakdown cover in place - right down to your dates of travel, the country you'll be driving in, and how many people will be travelling in the vehicle while in Europe. It can also cover you if you’re towing a caravan or trailer.

If you'll be driving across more than one European country during your trip, you'll be able to add these by selecting our zones of travel when you select your policy - making sure you're covered wherever you drive.

For a European breakdown cover single trip quote, buy online or call 0330 332 8302.

5 Star European Breakdown Cover

RAC Comprehensive & Comprehensive Plus European Breakdown Cover has been awarded a 5 star rating by Defaqto.

Full terms and conditions apply.

Maximum benefits payable under the policy - please read the terms and conditions policy booklet for details. Additional cover available in some areas upon payment of an additional premium.

* Price for 1 day cover for up to 9 people travelling in a vehicle up to 1 year old in Zone 1.

2 If repairs can be completed within the same working day.

** If repairs can be completed within 7 working hours.

^ Unless a breakdown occurs within a ¼ of a mile from your home

^^ Up to 3 missed connections, if the delay is caused by a breakdown

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