Advanced battery tester

The RAC uses a state-of-the-art battery tester developed by the world leader in battery testing technology, Midtronics.

Thousands of technicians already use this technology worldwide including leading vehicle retailers, manufacturers and other breakdown assistance companies, but the RAC is the first to adopt it in the UK.

This extremely reliable equipment is more accurate than any other roadside testing equipment in use in the UK, allowing our patrols to carry out two tests rather than one to give a more extensive battery health diagnosis.

"The RAC advanced battery tester does two tests not one, so you really know the health of your battery. More basic tests don’t give you the full picture."

First - our advanced battery tester measures whether the battery can start a vehicle once, secondly - it tests whether it has enough endurance – or reserve capacity – to keep the vehicle starting over the coming days and weeks. Reserve capacity is also essential in ensuring the battery is strong enough to start an engine after a period of inactivity.

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